Article 1

INTERFER Golden NIKE - INTERNATIONAL REPORTAGE AND MEDIA FESTIVAL is an international festival of authors, a group of authors, media, production and other institutions that promote, publicize and develop journalist profession and the media work, as a whole and in part referring to the most important genre of journalism – reportage, in all its forms.


Article 2

Full name of the festival is INTERFER Golden NIKE- INTERNATIONAL REPORTAGE AND MEDIA FESTIVAL. The abbreviated name of the festival is INTERFER Golden NIKE (with a year of maintenance and a number of the festival). The venue is Belgrade, Serbia.


Article 3

The festival INTERFER Golden NIKE has a Directorate and the Council, whose members are elected and appointed by the festival organizers from the ranks of prominent cultural and public figures. Directorate of the festival coordinates the main festival activities, as well as the follow up actions. It consists of the experts who run all the program and marketing activities on the basis of the adopted rules and decisions for the ongoing year. Festival Directorate reports to the Council of the festival. Festival organizer and owner is TVApatin doo. Apatin.


Article 4

Council of the festival has the advisory role; it guides, proposes, coordinates and monitors the activities in the organization and realization of the festival with the rights and responsibilities for the official program. Council members are not entitled to remuneration for their work in the council, apart from the travel expenses.


Article 5

Festival Directorate appoints the Director of the festival, Selectors and the official Jury to decide independently on the award-winning reportages and media works. Selector of the festival makes the official selection on a basis of received materials. The official Jury of the festival together with the elected Chairperson has the exclusive right to grant awards, apart from the Audience Award.


Article 6

The competition is open to all media creators worldwide, with no professional and technical limitations: the press reporters, filmmakers, media artists and various other individuals, video, radio and television productions, newspaper and other media companies, television studios, physical and legal entities.


Article 7

Festival Directorate will cooperate with all interested media, news, and other institutions in the country and abroad in order to promote and publicize the festival. Organizer of the INTERFER will use the international character of a journalist festival for media promotion of journalism, but also recognition of all social and national values ​​of Vojvodina and Serbia, Apatin municipality and city of Sombor. Besides the competition, the follow up activities of the festival will include different themed events in social and professional content such as: professional exhibitions, tribunes, seminars, workshops, city tours, etc.


Article 8

Every journalist, group of authors or media institutions can take part in the festival competition with one reportage in the following categories:




RADIO REPORTAGE up to 30 min

PHOTO REPORTAGE up to 8 images per author


All reportages that are not in Serbian or English must be subtitled in English.


Article 9

All media creators and authors, independently or in teams, through media companies or other institutions, agencies, and production groups have the equal rights to participate in the festival competition without any professional restrains. Selector of the festival has the exclusive right to decide which works will be included in the official selection. To be taken in the official selection reports must meet professional standards, legal and ethical norms. Reports that meet all specified requirements and professional standards will be included in the competition for the award-winning works. Reports that festival in any way offend or question the universal and the individual rights of people and nations, above all national, religious, racial, sexual rights and civilized norms will not be included in the official selection, nor screened  on the festival.


Article 10

The organizers of the festival have the right to broadcast and use all submitted materials according to their needs, as defined by the rules of application, what participants comply upon by submitting their application to the festival. Any material submitted to the festival will not be returned.  INTERFER does not charge any fee for participation in the festival. All information regarding the content of the festival will be presented to the public by the mass media, official website, press conferences, newsletter, special publications, etc.


Article 11

By filling out the official festival application the author confirms to hold all copyrights, as well as every other legal right over his reportage, to be the sole author of the work and bears the sole responsibility over its content, as indicated in the application. INTERFER Golden NIKE does not bear any responsibility, but the author, if any allegations in the report are inaccurate and became a matter of dispute or litigation.   


Article 12

Main prizes of the interfer Golden NIKE festival are:

- GRAND PRIX - Statue of Golden NIKE, Goddess of victory and triumph


OTHER CATEGORIES (television, radio, newspaper, photo and socially responsible reportage):

- FIRST PRIZE - Golden NIKE - Statue of Golden NIKE

- SECOND PRIZE - Golden NIKE Award

- THIRD PRIZE - Golden NIKE Award


Special awards:

- Golden NIKE Reportage Award to an Institution

- Golden NIKE Awart for a Lifetime Achievement

- Golden NIKE Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to the Reportage


Other awards:

- INTERFER Certificates and Plaques


Article 13

The author is required to send one photo of himself and up to three photos from the reportage for media presentations and publications. Submissions should be sent via e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Article 14

The organizer reserves the right to use all received material and its parts in promotional and presentational purposes of the festival. At the end of the festival, award-winning stories and segments can be released on DVD, INTERFER website and used in future presentation of the festival in the country and abroad.


Article 15

For reportages that are sent to the festival, and chosen in the official Program selection, the organizers will not pay any compensation or remuneration to the authors.


Article 16

If a participant’s reportage is awarded on the festival, the author undertakes the responsibility to attend the Award ceremony. In case the author decides not to attend the Award ceremony, the organizer has the right to withdraw the award to the author. If the author of award-winning reportage is unable to come to the Award ceremony, he is required to notify the Organizer, and a Director of the festival will decide on the justification of absence and make a final decision on the awards.


Article 17

The requirement for participation in INTERFER is a correct application form, submitted to the festival along with the reportage. For the authenticity of a data in the application form there is sole responsibility with the author. All the works intended for the festival must be produced in the ongoing or previous year of the festival, and cannot be older than two years. Reportage that is submitted to the festival does not need to be previously published. If it is published, it should be specified exactly in which media and when.


Article 18

By participating in the festival, the author accepts the rules and propositions, as well as items from the regulations that apply to the festival. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Article 19

The complete program of the festival, as well as other information related to the festival and its activities will be published on the INTERFER website, the festival newsletter and in the media.



Organizing Committee



Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +38163629317