About us


About us

INTERFER Golden NIKE is one of the most unique international media festivals in the world, dedicated to the most beautiful and the most difficult genre of journalism - reportage. It represents the highest level of journalism and the greatest scope of a wide range of journalistic efforts.

The festival is an annual review of the best stories across a range of media platforms. Courage, truth, authenticity, individual style and social influence have always been the leading ideas and goals of journalism and the festival itself. For this, INTERFER tends to be the affirmation of the very best that journalism and reportage represent in the media today.

Annually held fortwo decades, the festival aims at bringing the best journalists and authors together in one place, where they can share their ideas and experiences, views and concerns. This will comprise of five competitive categories, including: TV reportage, radio, newspaper, photo and socially responsible reportage.

The award for the most extraordinary works and the affirmation of reportage is the highest honor – a statue of Golden Nike, which is a symbol of the victory and triumph, proudly defying time, fear and injustice.

We take pride in inviting you to one of the greatest media orientated meetings in the country.

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